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Wang Tu Ming’s Funeral – Thailand

Wang Tu Ming’s Funeral – Thailand







Tue-ming left Kunming, Yunnan Province, China as a teenager in 1936 to be a foot soldier for the Kuomintang army under Chiang Kai-shek.

He never saw his home or family again. He died in exile in northern Thailand, surrounded by his family and revered by all.

Photo documentary by Doug Morton.

About Doug
Doug Morton

Doug Morton began his photographic endeavours in 1969, whence he came into possession of his grandfather’s Ricoflex TLR ’120 film’ camera.

He branched out early in the 80s into typography and designing for printed media.

At this publication date he is semi-retired.

Protected Areas – Victoria Herranz

Protected Areas
Victoria Herranz · Jose Mansilla · David Cordero
In collaboration with doSIguALes ProduccionesProtected Areas from Victoria Herranz.

Can a government decide over the woman body? Protected Areas explores the reaction to the spanish government’s propose to modified to change the abortion law for part of women than see limited their rights. Also, with an analogy between the woman body and the public area, it’s proposes the metaphoric relation between both than struggle area for the politic and ideological dominant powers in the actual Spanish society.

Dercho muejeres - Victoria Herranz
“The fact that a bill on abortion is proposed in 2014 in Spain after certain vested rights on voluntary termination of pregnancy taken for granted makes us think that what is private is actually defined by what is public…. Turning back to such an important debate and call into question the vested rights on voluntary termination of pregnancy have a violent component to the extent that makes more precarious the existence of women, who obviously are affected, not only by the possible law, even by the debate itself.”

Protected Areas is a work of the spanish authors Victoria Herranz photojournalist, Jose Mansilla anthropologist and David Cordero filmmaker.

My Mother’s Light – 30 Years Later

My Mother’s Light from Lenée Son

My mother immigrated to Vancouver, B.C. in 1983 after escaping the Khmer Rouge genocide in her native Cambodia and living in a refugee camp in Thailand for several years. During Pol Pot’s reign in Cambodia, my mother lost many family members, including her father. In “My Mother’s Light,” I explore how my mother’s history and strength have shaped my identity.

Photos and story: Lenee Son
Producer: Aaron Goodman


The creation of this story was supported by the Visual Media Workshop (www.thevisualmediaworkshop.com) and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (www.kpu.ca).

Three photos of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia:
Lenee Son
Lenee Son is a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Vancouver, B.C. She draws her inspiration from a range of social and global issues. As a woman of color and second-generation survivor of genocide, she is passionate about supporting human rights through her work.
Twitter: @leneeson

Anything Helps – Erik Castro

ANYTHING HELPS – 3 stories of being young & homeless from erik castro | photojournalist

“ANYTHING HELPS” was produced and released in May 2013 for the California-based non-profit Social Advocates for Youth. The intention of the piece was to offer viewers a better understanding of the enormous challenges facing young people who find themselves with nowhere to go but the streets.

“During the first two months of 2013, I photographed and recorded interviews of Matt Lytle, 22, Asia Dumlao-Galang, 19 and Ki Gusse, 17 all who generously offered intimate details about their experiences of being homeless.

Anything Helps

The result is a 9min. 40sec. video created with the intention of offering viewers a better understanding of the enormous challenges facing young individuals who have no where to go but the streets.”  By Erik Castro

Erik Castro Bio
Erik Castro is a freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer based in Santa Rosa, California. Originally from Los Angeles, Castro has been working professionally since 1998 and has a bachelor degree in journalism from The University of Texas at Austin.
He has twice won the National Press Photographers Association Award for his multimedia work and his work can often be seen in the San Francisco Chronicle. Castro photographed subjects for an upcoming book about a new generation of California winemakers titled, “The New California Wine” due out November 2013 by Ten Speed Press.
web: www.erikcastrophoto.com
blog: www.erikcastro.wordpress.com

News Junkie

News Junkie from Aaron Goodman

News Junkie
After years covering under-reported conflicts, disasters and human rights, I’ve started to question how my motivation is connected to my father. I created this piece as part of a facilitators’ workshop at the Center for Digital Storytelling (www.storycenter.org) in Berkeley, CA in March 2013.

BIO – AARON GOODMAN (@aaronjourno):

I’m a multimedia producer, video journalist and writer specializing in under-reported humanitarian issues. My news, features and documentaries have been broadcast by CBC, PBS, Associated Press Television News, VOA, ABC, and others.

I facilitate digital storytelling projects around the world, most recently with a group of female reporters in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. I also teach multimedia journalism at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey and Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.


Twitter: @aaronjourno

Web: aarongoodman.com

Beautiful Music


‘BEAUTIFUL MUSIC’ (working title) is the story of the men and women of the Sydney Street Choir journeying to ‘apologize’ to the traditional owners of Australia, the Aboriginal people as represented by the Custodians of Uluru.

The Sydney Street Choir comprise of a group of homeless, mentally ill and disadvantaged men and women who all have personal stories of triumph against all odds, just to have made it as far as the Choir.

It is humbling then, to learn that the choristers of the Sydney Street Choir completed their mission to travel to Mutitjulu to sing their specially penned ‘Sorry Song’. Written as a heartfelt acknowledgement of the anguish of the ‘Stolen Generations’ The Sydney Street Choir can relate on a personal level to the dispossession, depression and loss of the Aboriginal community.
Beautiful music - Lisa Hogben

“Beautiful Music’ (working title) is the documentary of this epic journey from the hard streets of Sydney to the hard lives of the Aborigines of the Northern Territory. Set against the backdrop of the Australian Government Intervention into Northern Territory remote Aboriginal communities the story of the Sydney Street Choir ‘Two Hearts Tour’ is a chronicle of the lives of divided societies and how the power of music can unite them.

 About Lisa Hogben

Lisa HogbenAward winning TIME photojournalist Lisa Hogben has spent many years working with
the Aboriginal people of Australia . Her touching photographic exhibition ‘Ten Years
From the Heart- Photographs of Redfern Waterloo’ has traveled extensively in Australia
and North America while ‘Australia Says Sorry’ her TIME Magazine cover story of the
Australian Governments ‘Apology’ to the ‘Stolen Generations’ was featured world wide
and can still be seen on the TIME/CNN website.

For the documentary ‘Beautiful Music’ Lisa has donned her Directors cap and guided
the camera through the journey of the Sydney Street Choir to Uluru. Experienced in
shooting and directing short documentaries her background as a professional and highly
regarded photojournalist shows as she produces telling and emotive footage of the
Sydney Street Choir on their journey. As a sensitive and compassionate photographer
Lisa’s abilities to gain the trust of her subjects is unsurpassed and as she brings the
documentary ‘Beautiful Music’ to fruition.
The ten minute multimedia piece presented on Photojournale is a teaser for the
final proposed 55minute documentary of the entire journey of the Sydney Street

Please visit and like our page Beautiful Music The Documentary @ https://
www.facebook.com/BeautifulMusicTheDocumentary for updates.

Birth is a Dream – Maternity in Africa

BIRTH IS A DREAM from Paolo Patruno

Birth is a Dream | Maternity in Africa
Multimedia documentary by Paolo Patruno

Every year, in Africa 200.000 mothers die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth; and for every woman who dies, many others suffer injury, infection or disability.
Every year 1,5 million African children are left without a mother.
A mother’s death is a human tragedy, affecting families and communities. Her death endangers the lives of a surviving newborn and any other young children; a mother’s death makes it harder for the family to obtain life’s necessities and escape the crush of poverty.
A great many of these deaths are preventable, when women have access to quality prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services; most maternal death and morbidity can be prevented when pregnancy and childbirth are attended by skilled health professionals (nurses, midwives or doctors).

Birth is a dream - multimedia documentary by Paolo Patruno

I named my photography project about maternity in Africa.”Birth is a dream”. I wanted to answer a number of number of questions producing this work brings forth.
What is a mother’s dream? How realistic is it for for them the dream of giving a safe birth ? Why safe motherhood is still a dream for the African mothers ?




About Paolo Patruno

Paolo Patruno

I am a photographer focused on humanitarian issues and social-documentary, working with NGOs, Aid and Non-Profit Organizations.

I’m interested in documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, sustainable development, poverty.

I’m travelling in Africa from almost ten years, documenting in pictures stories from this continent; I believe it’s my duty to use my camera to let people know what they’ve never seen, what they still ignore is happening.

I’m working on my personal long term project about the Maternity crisis in Africa and developing countries as well.

Mexico, El Dia De Los Muertos

MEXICO, EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS from enrico martino

The Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), recently declared by UNESCO as an “oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity,” is one of Mexico’s most cherished traditions. When the souls of the departed return their family speak quietly with them at graves adorned with offerings of food, candies, liquor, cigarettes, everything their dead enjoyed while alive.
dia de los muertos
Multi media documentary by Enrico Martino, www.enricomartino.com

BIO Enrico Martino - photojournalist
Enrico Martino, a free-lance photojournalist based in Italy, contributed for many years to the main Italian magazines, following political and social events in Italy, Europe, Middle and Far East, Africa, USA and Latin America covering social and politic reportages. In the last years he specialized in travel photo and texts reportages. His work is characterized from a special focus on Latin America and Mexico. He is also member of the portal online of Latin American photographers Nuestra Mirada. The yearly collaboration with the magazine Meridiani, for which has realized nearly one hundred reportages, has allowed him to develop cultural and social reportages that are the focus of his professional and personal research. His work has been published in many Italian and European magazines: Meridiani, D-Repubblica, Epoca, Espresso, Panorama, Elle, Marie Claire, Europeo, Sette, Focus, Panorama Travel, In Viaggio, Airone, Atlante, Condé Nast Traveller, Tuttoturismo, Gente Viaggi, Merian, Altair, Courier International Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Jeune Afrique, Rutas del Mundo,. He realized also some multidisciplinary projects focused on cities social problema, in Mexico City in collaboration with Mexican Caritas and in Turin with CNEL.

White Squatters South Africa – The Kuhn family

Photofilm: White Squatters South Africa – The Kuhn family from Matt Tabaccos

Ruyterwacht, Western Cape, South Africa | 2011

George Kuhn (46) sweeps away dirt from the porch of his 5 x 4 ft metal sheeted shack which houses himself, wife Bridget (39) and four children, Brad (13), Jamie Lee (7), Karen (4) and baby Eileen (3 months) at a squatter camp for poor white South Africans in Ruyterwacht, Cape Town.

“The problem with the government is they don’t do enough for people like us” he says. Kuhn is one of many disgruntled poor white South Africans living below the poverty line who feel marginalized under an ANC Led elected government and affirmative action laws introduced since the end of apartheid in 1994.

White poverty in South Africa is estimated at 450,000, 10% of the white population and is a politically sensitive subject that receives little attention in the mainstream media “the same thing is going to happen in South Africa what happened in Rhodesia” says Kuhn, a sentiment echoed within the walls of many white South African households but rarely aired publicly.

Shot and recorded over the duration of a day, this photofilm explores the Kuhn family’s views and existence in a white squatter camp.

Is a British photojournalist and multimedia producer who has been primarily based out of Lahore, Pakistan and Johannesburg, South Africa over the duration of the last four years. His work has been published throughout the media spectrum in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph , The Sun, ABC News, BBC, The National, MSNBC, Nat Geo TV, RTL, SKY NEWS (TV) The Washington Times and Thomson Reuters.

In 2007, armed with a graphic design and communications background, and a natural curiosity of people and the wider world, Matt up sticks from his executive position in the London media world in exchange for a backpack full of camera equipment and an urge to tell interesting stories.

He has recently returned back to the UK from a 17 month stint in South Africa to actively pursue and collaborate on documentary and investigative media projects that inspire, question and engage audiences to the medium of storytelling.

You can get in touch with Matt @ : mtabaccos@hotmail.com
Or Follow @ : twitter.com/matabaccos
Or Subscribe @ facebook.com/matt.tabaccos

Its a Beautiful world “Outside” | India

Its a Beautiful world “Outside” from Indu Antony

India is home to a lot of homeless people. There exists destitute homes to shelter them. One such destitute home in Bangalore houses primarily psychologically ill people. They do have dreams and wishes. This project attempts to bring their idea of the beautiful world outside the home to them with images. Questions were asked to the destitute women as to what they thought was beautiful and the first thing that they would want to see when they step out. The answers varied in color and shapes and were so subjective to their idea of beautiful realities. The dreams were photographed, printed and handed over to them. I decided to overlay their voice recordings to bring in the distinction of each of their personalities. This work is available as a multimedia presentation. From the blind to the physically handicapped they all believed that they would one day step into that beautiful world “Outside”.

Biography Indu Antony.

Being born a shade darker than my family members and into culturally vibrant reality I followed my parents dream to be a physician and then followed my own to be a visual artist. My exhibitions include ‘First Flights’(Delhi) 2009, ‘Body Politics’ (Bangalore) 2010, ‘Social Mashup’(Hyderabad) 2010, ‘Beauty in the Blur’ (Bangalore) 2011, ‘Louder Whisper’ (London) 2011. My website: www.induantony.com


Wang Tu Ming’s Funeral – Thailand
Wang Tu Ming’s Funeral – Thailand

Wang Tu Ming’s Funeral – Thailand             Tue-ming lef

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