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‘BEAUTIFUL MUSIC’ (working title) is the story of the men and women of the Sydney Street Choir journeying to ‘apologize’ to the traditional owners of Australia, the Aboriginal people as represented by the Custodians of Uluru.

The Sydney Street Choir comprise of a group of homeless, mentally ill and disadvantaged men and women who all have personal stories of triumph against all odds, just to have made it as far as the Choir.

It is humbling then, to learn that the choristers of the Sydney Street Choir completed their mission to travel to Mutitjulu to sing their specially penned ‘Sorry Song’. Written as a heartfelt acknowledgement of the anguish of the ‘Stolen Generations’ The Sydney Street Choir can relate on a personal level to the dispossession, depression and loss of the Aboriginal community.
Beautiful music - Lisa Hogben

“Beautiful Music’ (working title) is the documentary of this epic journey from the hard streets of Sydney to the hard lives of the Aborigines of the Northern Territory. Set against the backdrop of the Australian Government Intervention into Northern Territory remote Aboriginal communities the story of the Sydney Street Choir ‘Two Hearts Tour’ is a chronicle of the lives of divided societies and how the power of music can unite them.

 About Lisa Hogben

Lisa HogbenAward winning TIME photojournalist Lisa Hogben has spent many years working with
the Aboriginal people of Australia . Her touching photographic exhibition ‘Ten Years
From the Heart- Photographs of Redfern Waterloo’ has traveled extensively in Australia
and North America while ‘Australia Says Sorry’ her TIME Magazine cover story of the
Australian Governments ‘Apology’ to the ‘Stolen Generations’ was featured world wide
and can still be seen on the TIME/CNN website.

For the documentary ‘Beautiful Music’ Lisa has donned her Directors cap and guided
the camera through the journey of the Sydney Street Choir to Uluru. Experienced in
shooting and directing short documentaries her background as a professional and highly
regarded photojournalist shows as she produces telling and emotive footage of the
Sydney Street Choir on their journey. As a sensitive and compassionate photographer
Lisa’s abilities to gain the trust of her subjects is unsurpassed and as she brings the
documentary ‘Beautiful Music’ to fruition.
The ten minute multimedia piece presented on Photojournale is a teaser for the
final proposed 55minute documentary of the entire journey of the Sydney Street

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  1. sam bienstock says:

    Very very beautiful Lisa and very very poignant as well. You have done a wonderful and marvellous job based any definition of the word, on the trailer and I most certainly do look forward to seeing the final film. I will be sending this link email onto many of my friends too. thanks very much,

  2. Lisa Hogben says:

    Awww thanks Sam… Its an important message thats contained in this film… I am hoping that the Indiegogo campaign will allow me to be able to finish it and get it out there… Thanks heaps for your support…

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