Welcome to multimedia.photojournale.com ! This platform is specifically for the development and showcasing the presentation of online multimedia, multimedia journalism, photojournalism and photodocumentary as part of Photojournale.

Photojournale is a unique and leading online photo documentary publishing entity and online community of some of the world’s leading photojournalists. Founded in 2004 to promote the story form of photo documentary and photojournalism from around the world, today it has leading photographers from all corners of the globe publishing through the site, a diverse international editorial committee that crosses cultural and geo political boundaries and is involved in exhibition, publication and promotion of photojournalistic excellence. Photojournale is also active in promoting multimedia journalism online.

In 2009 Photojournale published its 1st anthology of photography published through the website, Photojournale – Connections Across A Human Planet a global and virtual collaboration of editors and photographers which has be critiqued as  “similar to that singular landmark exhibit, “The Family of Man” in 1955 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.”  Photographers represented in the book present a list of exhibitions, awards, publications that include but are not limited to : Geo Mundo, National Geographic, Time, Burn magazine, 100eyes, Reflex, PeaceReporter, Focus, International Herald Tribune, Vienna Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Financial Times, Czech Press Photo, Fotoweek, International Colour Awards, Angkor Photo Festival, PDN photo Plus, Russian State Ethnographic Museum, Russian Cultural Centre Bratislava, National Gallery of Australia, Tate Britain Gallery, VPRO, BBC, Channel 4, Deadline Press Photos.


If you are interested in having your multimedia journalism considered for multimedia publishing please refer to the following steps:

Register through the main website ( http://www.photojournale.com)

You will receive an automated email requesting that you reply with a link to your work so a member of the Photojournale editorial  group can assess its quality, relevance, aesthetics, story and all the good things that make a compelling piece of work.

A member of the editorial group will contact you and schedule you into the site publishing schedule.

We are looking for forward to seeing and hearing your multimedia journalism pieces.