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Its a Beautiful world “Outside” from Indu Antony

India is home to a lot of homeless people. There exists destitute homes to shelter them. One such destitute home in Bangalore houses primarily psychologically ill people. They do have dreams and wishes. This project attempts to bring their idea of the beautiful world outside the home to them with images. Questions were asked to the destitute women as to what they thought was beautiful and the first thing that they would want to see when they step out. The answers varied in color and shapes and were so subjective to their idea of beautiful realities. The dreams were photographed, printed and handed over to them. I decided to overlay their voice recordings to bring in the distinction of each of their personalities. This work is available as a multimedia presentation. From the blind to the physically handicapped they all believed that they would one day step into that beautiful world “Outside”.

Biography Indu Antony.

Being born a shade darker than my family members and into culturally vibrant reality I followed my parents dream to be a physician and then followed my own to be a visual artist. My exhibitions include ‘First Flights’(Delhi) 2009, ‘Body Politics’ (Bangalore) 2010, ‘Social Mashup’(Hyderabad) 2010, ‘Beauty in the Blur’ (Bangalore) 2011, ‘Louder Whisper’ (London) 2011. My website:

8 Responses to “Its a Beautiful world “Outside” | India”

  1. Rateesh Upendran says:

    You are doing a great job.. keep up the good work..

  2. Your work is very touching. Greatly admire your efforts. Thanks.

  3. sunil says:

    great! fresh approach of contextualization and positioning of clicks….congrats Indu

  4. Girish says:

    Truly moving and very touching. A great initiative for these women, to showcase their dreams, to make them feel important. By handing over them prints, would mean a lot to them.

  5. Siddharth says:

    Its really touching … The photographs are brilliant … And the way they have been put into the video relay makes an impact …

  6. Ravi Valdiya says:

    Really a gr8 job Indu. It was touching. I would say the perfect use of one’s creativity.

  7. Muthaheera says:

    Beautiful concept and amazing work !!!!

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