Hammans | Spreader of Warmth – Mervyn Leong

The hamams in the Ottoman culture started out as annexes to mosques, and quickly evolved into institutions and eventually into monumental structural complexes in the mid 1500s. Typical hamams consist of three interconnected rooms: the sıcaklık which is the hot room; the warm room which is the intermediate room; and the soğukluk, which is the cool room.

About Mervyn Leong


An engineer by profession, Mervyn took photography and photojournalism more seriously a couple of years ago, and has made impressive strides in his work. He’s also endowed with an encyclopedic knowledge of gastronomy, cooking and food in general.

Mervyn attended the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Istanbul (he also attended last year’s in Manali), and participated in Rena Effendi’s Telling A Human Story Through A Compelling Portrait class.

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  1. [...] Hammans – Spreader of Warmth was shot and produced while Mervyn was participating in the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Istanbul May 2010. [...]

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