The Bank | The Spanish Food Bank

The Bank (Spanish with English subtitles) from Kauri Multimedia on Vimeo.

In Spain, around 20% of the population live below the rate of relative poverty. The Spanish Food Bank Foundation assists those hardest hit by collecting excess food and distributing to agencies and community action groups. The photofilm shows the work carried out by the Aragón Food Bank and introduces viewers to the volunteers working there, mostly early-retired and retired old people. Pivotal in the running of the Foundation, they are examples of altruism, hard work and goodwill in times of increasing hardship in a competitive and excluding society such as todays.

Produced by Kauri is a Spain-based production team that focuses on multimedia storytelling through still photography and audio.

Who are Kauri
Freelance Documentary Photographer Diego Vivanco and Producer Ian Clark make up Kauri Multimedia.
Diego’s work has featured regularly in Spanish and European newspapers, as well as international magazines. His stories on sport, integration and communities have featured at international forums, exhibitions and festivals. You can find out more information on Diego and check out his individual work at .

Ian has worked as promo producer for National Geographic Channel both in the UK and Spain for several years. He has also spent time as a freelance producer working for clients such as Discovery, MTV, Paramount Comedy, Channel 5, Action Against Hunger. He has won three World and one European Promax Awards. You can see a selection of his work here

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