Reality TV | CCTV in Britain

Reality TV: CCTV photographed by David Dunnico from David Dunnico on Vimeo.

Reality TV is about CCTV in Britain. For several years Dunnico has documented this aspect of the ‘surveillance society’ including the organisations that operate it, companies who sell it and people who oppose it. The work was undertaken against a backdrop of paranoia, where the police identified photographers as would-be terrorists and the public saw them as might-be paedophiles. The result is a timely polemic against the ‘hoodies’ of the surveillance world that mixes strong graphic, urban images with humour and a surprising conclusion that Big Brother probably isn’t watching, but your supermarket definitely is.

The work has been exhibited alongside a stage production of George Orwell’s 1984 and a large exhibition which will feature photographs and Orwell ephemera will be held in Salford in 2012.

David Dunnico is a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. He is widely published and works on carefully researched, long term self initiated projects. Consumerism and privitaisation of the public space are two of his interests, which he documents with a well-developed sense of the absurd.

Exhibitions have included Memento Mori (2007, Salford Art Gallery), which looked at Victorian notions of loss and mourning “in a way that is infused with romance” – Manchester Evening News, and Sold Out (2008, Kiosk Gallery), which featured “Subversive photography examining the sinister undertones of advertising” – Metro News.

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  1. Radule Perisic says:

    Great photo story of Big brother police state
    This will be the future

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